Paddle Specification


The outline drawing shown gives a basic description of the design of the Racing Dragon Boat Paddle for use in races organized or sanctioned by the IDBF and EDBF. The basic measurements shown are not exact and are based on the maximum dimensions used in the full Paddle Specification 202a.

The Outline drawing should not be used by anyone to manufacture paddles for formal Competitive use

The Paddle Specification 202a allows for building tolerances which may be below the maximum dimensions shown here. Therefore, undersized paddles may well be approved by the IDBF/EDBF for formal competitive use. Persons wishing to manufacture Racing Paddles must first obtain a full Paddle Specification 202a from the IDBF Technical Commissioner, and comply with its Licensing Terms&Conditions.

General Description:-
The Racing Paddle can be made from any materials but there are specific design features that the IDBF wishes to retain in order to preserve the traditional form of the wooden Dragon Boat Paddle. The paddle may be divided into three sections, namely the Blade, Shaft and Handle. The Shaft shall not be ‘cranked’ or bent in any way and the surface of the Blade must be smooth. Any paddles that exhibit a ‘dimpled’ effect will be excluded as will paddles which have a rough or concave surface. The front and back views of the paddle shall be identical as shall the view from either side of the paddle. Its minimum length shall be 105cm and its maximum length 130cm. The Blade width shall be 18cm. The Shaft shall have a maximum width and shall generally be circular. The Handle may be of any shape which will fit within an imaginary box of the dimensions 100mm x 50mm x 40mm as shown in the outline Drawing.

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